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Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider Affiliate Marketing on ShopPaddi.

No Inventory Is Needed

To be a ShopPaddi Affiliate Marketer, you do not need to own any product or offer any service in particular to your audience. all you need to do is drive traffic to the Vendors’ products and make money as soon as your referrals complete a purchase. The whole work of packing up products and shipping to customers is taken off your shoulder. All you need is a phone

Work From Anywhere And Any Device

The cool thing about being an affiliate is that you do not have to take certain things very seriously, like literally. You can work from home on your computer, on the beach with your smart phone or while hopping on a TikTok trend. All you need to do is share a referral link that drives traffic and you make money when your link converts a sale. It is really that sample

Be Your Own Boss

Working as a ShopPaddi Affiliate Marketer, you are ‘Your Own Boss’. You decide which products interest you, how you want to promote them and when you want to promote them. No unnecessary deadline or pressure. The game is designed to allow you play according to your terms. 



Per Sale

When you register as a new affiliate, you automatically start earning up to 2.5% commission on every sale completed through your referral link.



Per Sale

After completing 50 conversions you become an Expert Affiliate  and earn 4% commission on every sale completed through your referral link.



Per Sale

Get 150 conversions as an Expert, or have access to the target audience and qualify for special offers where you get 5%-25% for selected campaigns.


Here are some common questions about the ShopPaddi Affiliate Program

How do I know when my referral has converted?

A soon as you register as an affiliate, you get an account with a dashboard that gives you insight and report on how your affiliate links are performing. You can also see all your traffic records on your dashboard. Furthermore, you will get an email notification highlighting how much you have earned whenever someone purchases an item through your link.

Can I sell Products outside ShopPaddi?

To earn as an affiliate with ShopPaddi, all product links have to be generated from ShopPaddi. You are only paid for conversions on products that are sold by ShopPaddi Vendors on ShopPaddi.

Who handles delivery?

As an affiliate, you do not have anything to do with fulfilling customers’ orders. You job starts and ends in sharing the links. As soon as a customer makes a purchase, it is the job of the Vendor to pack and ship the order accordingly.

How do I get paid?

As soon as an order is verified, and you have enough money in your balance, the money is transferred to the account details that you set up in your affiliate dashboard.

Do I need a credit or debit card to create an affiliate account?

No, a credit or debit card is not required to create an affiliate account. To be verified as a affiliate on ShopPaddi, you only have to register as an affiliate and provide the necessary information required.

Can I be a Vendor and an Affiliate?

ShopPaddi is here to enable people make money. If you can handle being both a Vendor and an affiliate, why not?

Can I Delete My Affiliate Account?

You are in full control of you account and activities on ShopPaddi. Should you need help in deactivating your Affiliate account, just write us an email to stating your request and the if possible a reason why.

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