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Affiliate Marketing Business Booster


Here are some of the many reasons why you should consider leveraging ShopPaddi's Affiliate Marketing Booster

Results over Clicks

Working with ShopPaddi’s Affiliate Marketing Booster package allows you to pay as you sell. This is in line with one of our promises to ensure that our Vendors get true value for every investment. While affiliate marketers promote your product on their channels, you only pay them a percentage when they convert a sale instead of when someone just sees or clicks a link.

Grow Brand Awareness

One of the many benefits of working with Affiliates is that you get to increase your overall brand awareness. As more people share links to your products, your business is exposed to the wider market thus, giving your brand the boost you always wanted to have.

Save Time and Cost - Do Less for More

A tedious tasks for small businesses is developing and executing an effective marketing plan. From strategy to the learning curve and costs associated with content creation, reaching customers online has become a weekly challenge. With the Affiliate Marketing Booster Package, all you need do is upload your products and our affiliate marketers do the magic by creating content where necessary and sharing to their audience. Now you can worry less.



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Here are some common questions about the ShopPaddi Affiliate Marketing Booster Package for Vendors

How do I Register for the AMB Package

All you need to do is register your campaign with our sales team by filling the Affiliate Marketing Booster form. Our team will then proceed to contact you and discuss further about your campaign.

Who Sets the Percentage for Affiliate Rewards

The vendor sets the percentage they want to reward the affiliates with. However, rewards for AMB campaign must be 5% or above.

Who handles delivery?

The affiliate marketers do not have anything to do with fulfilling the customers’ orders. Their job starts and ends in sharing the links. As soon as a customer makes a purchase, it is the job of the Vendor to pack and ship the order accordingly.

How Will I Monitor My Campaign?

When you run your campaign with ShopPaddi, You get a dashboard to upload products and monitor progress. It also offers real-time traffic update as well as sales notification on your profile and via your email. You can add other team members to monitor your online sales and prepare deliveries accordingly.

Who Pays the Affiliates

Affiliates are rewarded based on a preset percentage as agreed with the ShopPaddi team for the specific campaign the vendor wants to run. Whenever a buyer pays for your product through the affiliate’s referral link, the affiliate is paid a percentage (excluding shipping fees) of the product price. ShopPaddi will charge you an initial fee to recruit Legend Affiliates.

Can I Terminate an Affiliate Marketing Campaign

If you as the Vendor decides to put an end to an affiliate marketing campaign before the agreed end date, all you need to do is inform the ShopPaddi team via email and the affiliates will be informed to put an end to promoting you products accordingly within the next 24 hours. However, you will have to pay affiliates for sales converted before the termination of the campaign.

Can I be a Vendor and an Affiliate?

ShopPaddi is here to enable people make money. If you can handle being both a Vendor and an affiliate, why not?

For more information about the Affiliate Marketing Plan, send us an email at

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